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Ricardo Okaranza born in the Basque Country, Donostia, Spain,
has been taking photographs for over 30 years.

He moved to London after his Degree on History at the Barcelona University
and after making an internship on Polychromed wood Conservation
in the San Telmo Museum in Donostia went to Italy for further education
between the years 1985-1988 (Diploma on Conservation Of Polychromed Sculptures)
and 1992, with a Diploma on Scientific Principles of Conservation from the Iccrom
(Unesco Academy Rome) some years working at the Conservation Studio from the
Provincial Government in Donostia and 1995, going to Austria, Vienna,
working for the Bundesdenkmalamt ( Austrian Federal Office for the Cultural Heritage)
in different projects in Saint Stephan Cathedral in Vienna, Saint Wolfgang
(Michael Pacher´s Altar), Admont Abbey and others.

1999 in MoMA, New York, internship for the conservation of modern Sculptures
(Baranoff-Rossiné, Brancusi, Ray and Charles Eames, Donald Judd)
moved to Berlin, working at the Preussicher Skulpturensammlung,
Bode Museum, in Berlin, between 2000-2007,
Polychromed Terracotta Sculptures from the Italian Renaissance
(Andrea della Robbia, Jacopo della Quercia, Michelle da Firenze, and others)
2008 new turn on his carrier, moving into photography exhibition working
with the materials and the ideas collected during the years
that his work laid in the "amateur" drawer.

The encounter with Wayne Baerwaldt throw him to this new environment where his ideas
about the representation of the character of the cities, when the citizens are absent
but substituted for the city itself, can be for the first time seen in public.

Former represented by "Wilde Gallery" , Berlin, his photos were presented at the
Miami Art Fair, Toronto Art Fair, Scope Basel , Berliner Liste, etc during 2008 and 2009.
He presented a site specific Photo Installation at the Nuit Blanche Toronto 2008,
the "Toronto Nocturnes" in october 2008. In 2009 presented a show at the IKG in Calgary,
curated by Wayne Baerwaldt "Calgary nocturnes, lanes", a solo show
by Peter Wilde Gallery Berlin "Flohmarkt Nacht" and Berliner Preview, Scope Basel, etc.

In 2010 an art residency at the Banff Centre , Ken Lum´s Masterclass
and realisation of the "Glyde Hall Portraits".
Will be presenting "Un certain regard" a solo show a by "Lorch + Seidel Gallery"
in Berlin and working in his new project "Arteleku Portraits",
a comision for the Gipuzkoa Government.